Quality of Life

by Margaret Stevens

If we believe the scientists,
We cannot claim that God exists.
(My mind meanders through the mists:
I think I've lost my way.)
I wake to work; I sleep to dream;
I gorge on pizzas and ice-cream.
But are things really what they seem?
And is life what they say?

A holiday in Timbuctoo!
A bigger house (with better view).
That "greatest hit" called "Loving You"
(On cassette or CD.)
...I'd like to live in France (or Spain?)
And see New York. But, there again,
That's only life "in cellophane" -
And is it really Me?

Preoccupations...endless noise...
Are nothing less than Satan's ploys
To keep me from authentic joys
And rob my heart of Grace.
In Grace my spirit comes alive;
Soul, mind and body grow and thrive.
The final goal for which I strive -
To "see God face to face".

Copyright © Family Matters 1997