A Brief Biography

Andrew & Annabel Haylett live in Girton, Cambridge, UK (about fifty miles north of London). We were married in December 1993 and we have four children: Matthew Stephen (January 1995), Catherine Grace (October 1996), Jonathan Samuel (July 1998) and Joanna Ruth (February 2002). We are committed to the Reformed faith as expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith and to home-schooling, which we believe is a means of consistently imparting Christian education by precept and example. Andrew works as a software engineer and manager at Curtiss-Wright Controls, a company that designs and manufactures high-performance graphics systems for commercial, civil and military applications. He also edits the newsletter of Christian Voice. Annabel cares for our children and our home.

We attend Cambridge Presbyterian Church, founded in 1990 with a current attendance of around 130 people. The congregation has two elders and four deacons.

Our congregation is part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England and Wales, a denomination with nine congregations. The EPCEW is committed to the Westminster Confession of Faith as its subordinate standard.

For a defence of the Bible and the God of the Bible as the only possible source of all authority and knowledge, please read Cornelius van Til's article, Why I Believe In God.

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With Cousins
With Cousins

Catherine and Joanna
Catherine and Joanna

Castle Crag
Castle Crag

July 2003

The Children (JPEG, 43k)
The Children

July 2000

The Family (JPEG, 42k)
The Family

The Children (JPEG, 43k)
The Children

March 2000

Jonathan (JPEG, 37k)

Matthew and Catherine (JPEG, 64k)
Matthew and Catherine

March 1999

Matthew (JPEG, 36k)

Catherine (JPEG, 41k)

The Family (JPEG, 58k)
All Of Us

June 1997

Andrew and Matthew (JPEG, 57k)
Andrew and Matthew

Annabel and Catherine (JPEG, 57k)
Annabel and Catherine

Matthew (JPEG, 30k)