Who's Pulling Your Kid's Strings?

by Tony Blunden

One of the most recent presentations from CARE for the Family is the Learn to Discern seminar. The presentation addresses the concern of many parents: How far is society at large moulding our children's thought and behaviour? The seminar features a film from the Focus on the Family organisation in the USA, but the basic issues are the same for both countries.

The first half of the evening, hosted by members of the CARE for the Family team, dealt with the power of the media (music, films, videos, television, magazines, advertising) to influence children and young people. There were clips taken from films (currently seen by children) which filled me with a deep sense of revulsion and sadness. I also felt anger that a society could so manipulate its young people for commercial gain by presenting false images of sexuality and horror, and a message that suggests that there is no hope in life. The film clips used were said to be the most mild sequences available suitable for inclusion in the presentation! This first half was difficult and challenging for parents, youth leaders and church leaders present. However, the second part of the evening concentrated on many positive alternatives and guidelines to counter the false images and ideas, including a Parent's Guide booklet.

Details of other presentations in 1996 can be obtained from CARE for the Family, 136 Newport Road, Cardiff CF2 1DJ, and there is a video available for purchase of the seminar described here. You might also consider joining the CARE for the Family| mailing list to receive their magazine and details of other events and resources.

Tony Blunden is a member of the Bury St. Edmunds CARE group.

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